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The confidential information in regards to banking and other business transactions, is not easily accessible, but is required for various purposes like audits, loan sanctions, visa profiling etc. The manual process takes longer and is prone to discrepancies, errors and frauds.

Confirmfast offers an electronic support in resolving the above issues through the following services:

Online Bank
Bank confirmation is a central element of the audit process, where with...
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Account Receivable / payable are one of the most important items of balance...
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Bank Statement
Bank statements of customers ( patrons) are required for credit purposes...
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Loan Statement/
RTR Evaluation
For credit profiling of a borrower, the old track records of repayment...
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Advantages of using of Confirmfast

  • In the digital age, paper work is a thing of the past, people prefer getting things done through e mails and digital media, banking has also seen a paradigm shift in the last few years with everything just a click away. With Confirmfast, there is no involvement of paper work as all the technical processes are done through a specially designed software.
  • As everyone is in a hurry to finish up important tasks, due to lack of time, Confirmfast helps in saving weeks or months that go into getting confirmations or audits.
  • Out patrons are our top most priority, we have made sure that the software is easy for third parties and auditors alike.
  • While using Confirmfast, the user can track the process sitting in the comfort of their home.
  • Confirmfast makes sure there are automated follow ups designed for each request.
  • Along with saving an enormous amount of time, Confirmfast helps in saving money too, by slashing as much as 80% of the cost that goes into getting confirmations through banks.

Key Features

Quicker Response

Lower Risk of Fraud

Auditor Support

Easy to Use

Secure Information Exchange

Smoother & Simpler Audit Process

Auditor Dashboard for tracking

Admin module for auditor management