The idea behind online confirmations is to use the internet to automate the traditional method of paper based confirmations currently used by statutory auditors, credit Managers, Embassy visa officials. Our purpose is to solve both the inefficiency and fraud risk associated with paper based confirmations.


We are here to make your lives easier! In just four steps you can do away with long tiresome hours of filing and waiting for paper work confirmations, bank statements, evaluations and much more.

Sign In

The first step is to Sign-in to the website ( after registering yourself by clicking on the Register button) and share the required details.

Data Upload

The next step is to upload the required data of the client you wish to get information for.

Client Authorization

This step requires your client to give you authorization for your query, post which you can get the report.

Generate and Download Report

The final step generates your required report and makes it ready for download.


We are committed to provide the bank information independently without any sort of client’s involvement except the authorization. What you get is the requested information directly from the bank’s servers with encryption. Which means no one, not even client can change the information been provided.

For Embassy Officials

We help Visa officers in assessing the client’s application by providing the banking information electronically.

For Embassy Officials

For Business Houses

Many business agreements and transactions involve appraisals of the other party’s bank and accounts.

For Business Houses

For Credit/Loan Managers

Credit appraisal of the clients require bank statements, Loan statements or RTRs of the client. We provide the information electronically.

For Credit/Loan Managers

For Auditors

Receiving bank balance confirmations is core element of the audit process. We offer online confirmation system to manage the process.

For Auditors


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